Useful Items that make our life better in India. Yuka

Useful Items that make our life better in India. Yuka

Hello. I’m Yuka.

Now I feel a little bit lonely because one of our members have returned to Japan.


By the way, I guess that many people think living in India is not easy because it’s hot everyday, the air is not clean and the food is very spicy and so on.



Actually, Our office is comfortable to live in.

I’m enjoying living a life in India!

Today, I will introduce very useful items that make my life better in India!







If there were no refrigerator, the food would go bad easily.

And if we keep food out of it, many ants would swarm to the food!


Moreover, we’re dying for cold food and a drink because it’s so hot everyday in India now…!


So, refrigerator is very important item for us.



・Washing machine




I used to wash my clothes with my hands during work camp.

But now, I can use washing machine in our office!







Thanks to a toaster oven, we can eat toasted bread and grilled vegetables!

And a electric kettle makes it possible to boil water instantly.


I wish there were a microwave in our office, too!




・Water heater




If there were no water heater, we should take a cold shower everyday.

And if we would do that in a cool day or winter, we might catch a cold.


Water heater is very important, too!








We have bought this printer recently.

When we had no devices to print out, we had to go to print shop each time.

Now, we don’t have to spend our energy and time to go to the shop!




・Cold air machine




We bought this because we couldn’t stand the heat anymore.

If we pour water into this machine, cool air comes from it!.

We can feel cool!



Some people may think it’s normal to have these items in your house.

But in India, even those things which is nothing special in Japan or some other countries make me happy!


Japanese food is the most important thing for us to live in India.

We cannot live here without it!

Of course Indian food is delicious. However, sometimes we feel like eating Japanese food because we are Japanese!



We brought a lot of Japanese food to our office.




That’s a lot!



How was the today’s blog?

Even though sometimes I feel uncomfortable, I’m enjoying my life in India!





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