Why is Kolkata so famous?  The history and buildings of Kolkata. (Yagi)

Why is Kolkata so famous?  The history and buildings of Kolkata. (Yagi)

Hello.I’m Sakura.

I’m in Kolkata today.

To participate in a wedding ceremony in Maharashtra district from May 6th.

Tomorrow I will take a train for about 17 hours.

I’m so excited brcause this is my first time to take sleeper train.



Today I would like to tell you about the history of Kolkata.

I will also mention about    buildings for sightseeing.



The population of Kolkata in 2011 was 4,497,000.

The urban population is the third largest in India following Delhi and Mumbai.


※ The urban population:  Population of urban area including major cities and suburban cities near major urban area.



So why has Kolkata so developed?


It is closely related to the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom East India company.



In 1690, The British East India company built a trading house in the current Kolkata.


In 1696, Britain gained the control of the land of Kolkata.

→ At this time, William Fortress is built. (Named after King William III)


In 1756, The Mughal Empire occupied the fortress.


In 1757, East India company  recaptured Kolkata.


At that time, Britain and France were fighting for the territory of India.

The United Kingdom seized the territory of France one after another.


At that time the Bengal region was an area , where many products were sought by Britain.


As a result, in the middle of 1700, 75% of all UK East India companies were in the Bengal region.


Especially,Kolkata, which has a trading house, used to be the center place of the trade area.


In the first place, Britain aimed to  trade spices. However, with the acquisition of taxation rights, etc., it has also taken on the role of the administrative body of India.



British Prime Minister Frederick North has enacted Indian regulatory law in 1773.

Then, the newly established Governor General of Bengal was able to operate all lands of East India company.

So Kolkata has become the political center of the whole of British India as well as the Bengal region.



In other words, the current development of Kolkata is due to the development by the East India company from the late 1600s.




There are many buildings that you can feel the British rule of that time in Kolkata!

These are some typical ones.


1 Victoria Memorial Hall / Park


I think It’s the most famous building in Kolkata.

The Victoria Memorial Hall was built in 1921 using Taj Mahal as a model.

And It named after Queen Victoria, who also served as the emperor of India at that time.

The hall currently displays documents, weapons, and pictures which used in india during the British rule.


I visited there around three times lol.

Depending on the period, there are special exhibitions.

For example, about the Howrah Bridge and the history of the city formation of Kolkata.


The entry fee is 500 rupees for foreigners (Nearly  $7) . (including parks)



Actually, the park surrounding the memorial hall is also wonderful!

The admission fee only for the park is about 20 rupees (Nearly $0.3).





2 St Paul’s Cathedral


It is very close to the Victoria Memorial Hall.

It is an Indian-Gothic style architecture and is said to be the oldest church in India.


Recently, a coffin of a designer of this cathedral was found in it.

It was widely featured in Indian newspapers!


Depending on the time, you can also listen to the piano, so please check it out when you visit there!


The admission fee is free. note that taking photos is prohibited in it!




I recommend take a taxi if you visit Victoria Memorial Hall and St. Paul’s Cathedral.



That’s all I want to tell you about the history of Kolkata and famous buildings!

There are many other places in Kolkata where you can feel some religions and cultures, such as Hindu temples, mosques and large shopping malls.



When you travel in kolkata, enjoy to visit various places in Kolkata!


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