What is the Chakdola Leprosy Colony? (Yuka)

What is the Chakdola Leprosy Colony? (Yuka)

Hello. I’m Yuka.



Today I will introduce one leprosy colony where our organization started working most recently.



It is “Chakdola Leprosy Colony.”

We have been conducting work camps there from March 2018.



It is in Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

It takes 4 hours to go there from Kolkata by train and bus.



It is a very small colony.

We can overlook the whole village from the room where we stay during the work camp.

About 45 people (16 families) live there.







There are many brick factories around the village and many village men work there.



The village is very peaceful and comfortable place because the population is small and the people are calm.

I feel like time goes by so slowly while I’m there.



This is the senior leader of the colony, Shamaln Ray.




And this is the young leader, Pappu Coal.





There is another person who I’d like to introduce to you.

He is Jisu Marandi.



He is a very kind man and always thinking about the village and the villagers.


He dropped out of the school and now he is working at a factory near the village so that his mother and his grandparents would not go begging.


He always helps villagers and us as well as his family.


I really like him!



As I explained, Chakdola Colony is a very nice village.

However, the colony and the people have many serious problems.



Most of the houses in the village have some troubles like leaking of rain and broken wall.

Some women and elderly people live by begging and their earning is very small.

Those who work at brick factory can not get a stable income because some season there is few things to do there.

Adults in the village are not educated well and only children can read or write.

Moreover, discrimination from neighbors and colleagues at work still exists in daily life.



They said to me “we are happy just because you are here.”

I was touched by the word.

I want to be close to them and go ahead together.







In fact, the first work (infrastructure building) was conducted in this March there!




Japanese members have already returned to Japan, but work is still in progress now.



The work that is going on now is a construction of a new house for one family.

They used to live in the house that was the worst situation in the village.

There was a big crack on the wall and they have to live in it with fear that their house might fall down.




If this work is completed, they can live in a new house without such a fear.



This time, our work is for only one house and one family.

However, we are planning to repair all houses one by one in the future.



I hope the day that the colony’s problems are totally solved will come.

And I will work hard to achieve that!




In fact, I haven’t visited Chakdola colony since I had come to India in this March yet.

I will go there in the middle of May. I can’t wait to go there and see the villagers!





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