First Workcamp with Indian college students!

 First Workcamp with Indian college students!

First of all, I would like to thank all who supported this project.

From starting up till now I got so much help. Without their help,

we could never accomplish this.

Thank you so much!


1st Workcamp with Indian college students has been conducted in Chakdola leprosy colony in Bardhaman district

from 13th to 17th March 2019 with 9 Japanese students and 4 Indian students.

Japanese students were already in the colony from 4th March for workcamp.

Indian students are all from department of social work, Visvabharati University.

They have got permission from school to attend this workcamp and spent 4 entire days in the colony.



What we have done

①Home Visit

We made 4 groups mixed with Japanese and Indian students and talked with villagers.

The objective is to get to know well about the villagers themselves and their life,

and seek what we can do for them with micro aspect.





②Awareness Programme

Through the programme, we told all villagers appreciation for accepting us for 2 weeks in the colony.

At the same time, we have invited people who live near the colony to the programme to show

and prove that the leprosy colony is not a dangerous or scary place,

but it is rather the same as any other place they live.




We performed Japanese dance, Indian dance and a Bengali song.

A girl from the colony danced Bollywood on the stage with Indian students.





To be very honest, it was not easy to conduct workcamp with Japanese and Indian students.

The reason why it turned out to be meaningful is that we all shared the same passion to contribute to the colony.


I would like to share some episodes with Indian students during Workcamp.




“Is it safe to stay in a leprosy colony?”

Though I have told them several times that people in the colony are totally cured,

on the first day, 2 girls asked me whether they should take any precaution not to get leprosy.


It was obvious they were shocked when they first saw the deformity caused by leprosy.

In the orientation we had on Day 2, again I have told them how weak the bacteria is and that people are cured so we have little chance to get it.


They seemed relieved after that and started to interact with people who are affected by leprosy.



The girls themselves did not have a clear idea about leprosy

though her friends were more concerned with the image of dangerous disease.

When they told their friends that they will stay in a leprosy colony,

the reaction of them was not supportive by asking them why they want to visit such a dangerous place.

At that time they could not give a convincing explanation, though now they can.

They have understood the disease and how the colony is.

What is more, they really liked the place and people!



“ We will definitely come back.”

During workcamp, we have to sleep on the floor with thin mattress, take bathing in open air…

It is far from what we feel comfortable.

Though with beautiful nature which the colony possesses,

generous people who accepted us as a part of the family, we could not feel more comfortable ever.

That was only for 4 days, but the 4 days certainly changed the girls mind toward leprosy.


The colony is not the scary place anymore.

The colony is where they belong, where they will go back in the near future.



The workcamp with Indian college students is to be expanded.

Those who are interested in the activity, please do talk to us.


We welcome you the most!



It’s time to join us!

What is a “leprosy colony”?

It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.


In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .

We conduct several activities for their independence.


There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.

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