People in leprosy colonies have severe food-shortage problem

as they have lost most of the income due to the pandemic.

We provide 1-week food package to them especially in need.



What we have done so far …

We have provided food packages to 572 households in 7 leprosy colonies in West Bengal.



Current Situation


The worldwide pandemic of covid-19 is changing our life a lot.

In India, they have over 10,000 new patients daily, while the situation is getting better in Japan.

Leprosy colonies are facing a big challenge since national lockdown was enforced at the end of March 2020 for prevention of pandemic.


People in leprosy colonies are always in need of help as most of them earn from begging or daily labour. The average monthly income of a household is Rs.3,000 which is way below the poverty line. Now the situation has got worse as they have no access to work due to lockdown.


They cannot go outside, they cannot work and they have no access to enough amount of food or sanitary materials. They will not be able to survive if this situation does not change.







It is not easy for us to help others where we ourself cannot see the near future ahead and feel anxious. 

With only JPY700, one household will survive another week. 

Make a difference by donating from JPY700.