Even now with proper treatment, Hansen Disease is still called “Goubyou”(incurable disease in Japanese) due to the deformed appearance of affected people and wrong recognition of it.Patients who are recovered from Hansen Disease and the family are suffering from severe discrimination and are isolated from society.NPO WAPPINESS conducts activities in order to restore social dignity of people who are affected by Hansen Disease and assist financial independence.


Our philosophy ” Creating a Society where everyone can glow with vitality and joy” is Society where each person faces each other Society where each person accepts each other


In other words, I believe that a society in which everyone can enjoy the “pleasure of living as a person” that our human beings who can not live alone face each other and acknowledge each other.


While I was acting on a Hansen Disease colony in India, I was told a villager, Chon Chong this kind of thing.


“There has never been a person in the colony until now.In the meantime, you guys came. At first I thought what kind of people came.

I thought that they are going to support us from any angle, from the top, and they do not match their eyes well, I thought they would not try to get involved.


But you guys, sit down on the ground and we eat together, we smile together, we bathe together.We have been disliked by all the time until now, but you guys do not care. It was strange feeling.But I was glad. It was glad to be called Chong Chong, not the colony’s guy.


So, I’m really happy that you come to see me again and again and think about the village together. You do not have to do anything, so come and visit me any time again. “


We believe that they are important friends and are members who create a society where people can glow with vitality and joy. They also think that we are not a so-called supporter, but a group who acts towards a dream “together”.


And I believe that this is the true meaning, to face each other, to acknowledge, to give “the joy of living as a person”.Now, we will continue to work while respecting everyone who are involved.Dreaming a society where everyone in the world can glow with vitality and joy.


DIRECTOR 2011 Joined India Work Camp Organisation namaste! 2012 - Bachelor of Arts in Human Sciences Waseda University -Started to work for NIPPON PARKING DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. 2016 Left NIPPON PARKING DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. and inaugurated Director of NPO WAPPINESS


DIRECTOR 2011 Joined India Work Camp Organisation namaste! 2012 -Bachelor of Engineering Gifu University -Started to Work for CANON ELECTORONICS Co., Ltd. 2015 Left CANON ELECTORONICS Co., Ltd. 2016 -Inaugurated Director of NPO WAPPINESS -Started to work for Precision equipment manufactures


AUDITOR 2010 -Bachelor of Engineering Yokohama National University -Started to work for Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. 2013 Left Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. 2014 -Master of Business Administration University of Manchester -Started to work for EY Advisory and Consulting Co., Ltd.