To the world without a beggar

More than a half of the people who live in Hansen disease colony earn a living by begging.


Wappiness conducts various employment training for people who live in colonies. We aim to stabilize their income.


In addition to conducting vocational training such as accessory production and mushroom cultivation, we will promote their economic independence by securing sales channels both inside and outside of India.

As one of the sales channels, we also operate Indian accessory shop oaks which sells their products.

Mushroom cultivation training  


We are training mushroom cultivation to women of Bishnupur Hansen disease colony. Demand for mushroom is increasing in India, and the unit price is high. High profitability is expected.


Cultivation training is done in cooperation with NGO “FPSA” of the local counter partner, and FPSA purchases and sells it to the neighborhood. It is a new project started in December 2016, but it is a big project of a village in which all households (in total, 42 households) are engaged.


Previous income such as earned by begging and daily work was unstable, but it is possible to obtain stable income by doing cultivation systematically.

Lease TOTO Project










MicroLoan Project