I’m going to Maharashtra! – India is a big country – (Yuka)

I’m going to Maharashtra! – India is a big country – (Yuka)

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I’m in Kolkata Now.

In the evening, I’m going to Maharashtra state by sleeper train.

Surprisingly, it takes 17 hours to go there! It’s pretty far!



After participating in a wedding ceremony, I will go to Aurangabad, which is the city in the same district (Maharashtra).

And it takes 8 and a half hours by train! I can’t believe it!

I will go there for sightseeing.



After that, I will go to Mumbai, too.

It takes 6 and a half hours to get there.



The total time from Bishnupur to Mumbai by train will be about 36 hours!

I think it will take more time than scheduled because the train which travels long distance tend to be delayed in India.



I think you may understand how large the land of India is.




The land area of India is 3,287,263 km².

This is the seventh largest in the world.



That of Japan is 377,915 km².

So, India is 8.7 times the size of Japan.



The largest state in India is Rajasthan and it has 342,000 km² land area.

The size  is almost same as  that of Japan! It’ huge!



Maharashtra, where I’m going to go, is the third largest state in India.

It’s  long from side to side.



So, to cross the state, you have to travel a very long distance.

That’s why it takes so long time!



I will go to Mumbai by train.

However, I will use an airplane to return to Kolkata.

It takes only 3 hours!




This is my first time to take a sleeper train, participate in a wedding ceremony and visit a state other than West Bengal.

And I will go to the Leprosy museum in Mumbai.



I’m looking forward to having a new experience there!





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