Street Foods in India.(Yagi)

Street Foods in India.(Yagi)

Hello. I’m Sakura!


Today,I want to  introduce Street Foods in india!





As Yuka  stated before ,

It’s fried spicy potato and beans.

It tastes like a curry.

You can buy it  everywhere in india.

I eat it everyday  is sold in a shop near our office because there is an old man who always be smail. I love him!!

Some people may feel it’s too spicy. So please be careful when you eat it!







India is famous for  Chai!

Chai is a milk tea with spices and sugar.

You can buy it everywhere including in a train.

It is so fun to compare some types of Chai  when you travel by train!






“Dim” means  “egg” in Bengali.

It’a a toast with eggs grilled with thinly sliced ​​onion.

It tastes spicy but it’s not like curry!





It is a globular, deep-in-the-hollow deep-fried dough with a spicy sauce.

It’s in the shape of a cup, so you’ll scout the sauce and eat it.

As same as alu-chops,some people may feel it’s too spicy

Some of my Japanese friends said, “It’s nice!” but some friends said “too hot” and “I don’t like it”. So I think you either love or hate it. It depends on your taste preferences.






This is  chinese food,”炒麺”.

It is a little bit spicy but it’s not like curry.






It’s not Ruti!!

Ruti is grilled but Ruchi is fried!

It’s popular  to eat it with  curry.

It only tastes salt and the dough. (Maybe it’s flour..)

Therefore thetaste is so simple.




That’s all I want to introduce to you today but it’s just a part of Street Foods in india.

There are a lot of Street Foods in India.

For example,chicken-rolls, pakoras, chiken-thicka, a juice of sugar cane and so on.

So I’ll introduce more Street Foods after I take those pictures!



When you travel in India, why don’t you feel a taste of India with some Street Foods?




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