Why is a Joychandi famous? (Yagi)

Why is a Joychandi famous? (Yagi)

Hello. This is Sakura.

Recently, summer has come in india! And the temperature is over 39 degrees everyday.

For the first time I will spend time in April, June, and July in India.

So I’m worried that it will be more hot from now on …


Yesterday I went to the Manipur colony after a long time.

I got a lot of energy from the villagers, so I can do my best again from now on !


Yesterday’s highlight was a session time.

Lakshman Grandpa was playing the Duruk Bage (drum) and I was playing the lamcutchi (a kind of tambourine)


These are the traditional Indian musical instruments  used in pooja (festivals).



Today,I will introduce “Joychandi”!  

It is near the Manipur leprosy colony.


Joychandi is a hindu temple to enshrine Siva and Hanuman.

And it’s two hills located in the village of Laghunathpur.

There are resorts, food courts and parks around it.

Children who are living in the colony also visit as school  and village events.




It was in March,2018 that I first climbed Joychandi.

At that time, there were shops at the foot of the hill, but at the top there was only a temple and a Hindu goods store. because there is  no dustbin, trash was scattered everywhere.

When I looked around, there were only a few people, and I did not have the impression that there were too many tourists.



But now the Joychandi has been changed!!



The stairs were painted beautifully, and several dustbins were installed at the top.

There are shops not only at the foot of the hill, but also at the top! ! !

I can drink  the hot chai (tea) at the shop. It’s so delicious. .

Furthermore, in winter, some groups  visit there for a rock climbing.


Why is it so popular now…?


I think the answer is





  1. Photogenicity


As you know, Indians like to take a photo.

As a result, at Joychandi you can see many people taking a selfie quite often.



  1. uniqueness.


As you can see in the picture, around the Joychandi is full of rice fields.

Joychonley is outstanding in such a plain.

Therefore, it’s perfect when you want to go up the mountain or go out somewhere.


When you are tired of people in India, how about going to heal your mind with Joychandi?



・ Climbing free

・ The nearest station is Joychandi Station / Adra Station

・ From Adra station by tuktuk (electric three-wheeled vehicle) about 100 rupees one way

・Nearly 4pm is recommended because there are not many people, and a little cool.

・Climbing time would be 10 to 15 minutes.


Thank you for reading! See you again!