What my friends asked me when I went back from India. (Yagi)

What my friends asked me when I went back from India. (Yagi)

Hello.I’m Sakura.

Today,I will answer some questions that people often ask me.



“Do Indian people  really eat curry every day?”


The answer is “almost right”.


In fact, villagers often ask me what curry will you eat today?


Also, if you ask the villager what you eat today, the answer would be “Bhat (rice), Ruti (thin naan)”.


In other words, they will not even say “I ate curry” because it is obvious for them  the matter is whether you eat rice or ruchi with curry.


But that’s not everything !

Wealthier Indian people  eat Kichuri (stew with rice on a cold day)

and a little sweet rice (I forgot the name ….) with nuts and dried fruits for dinner on a festival day!


It tastes a little sweet.


Therefore, Indian do not always eat curry .


in Japan we use soy sauce and soup stock instead of masala every time.

If you are Chinese, you use “Hanakosyo” or “Hakkaku”, and if Italian, you use”Olive”.

There are some things that determine the  culture and ingredients and seasoning that match the people’s taste preferences .


By chance it’s just “curry taste” for Indian, there is no big difference between India and other countries!


So the answer to “Do Indian really eat curry every day?” is


“Indian eat curry  as Japanese eat Japanese food (Sushi,Miso soup and so on )”!


Next question is

”Have you ever had a stomach ache in India?”


I have suffered from the ache only once in India.


I would like to give you tips on not having a stomach problem


  1. Wash your hands well.

In India, air pollution is awful. And when you travel in india, you may touch a lot of things.

So it is important to wash carefully.


  1. Do not eat raw fruits and vegetables  at the street stall.

This is no problem with the fruit, but because presumably there are germs on the cutting knife t. Nobody knows what it cut before it cuts the fruit.


  1. Cook Eggs and Meat well.

Eggs and meat are all stored out of the  refrigerator. So Those are not fresh, and if you eat those as raw and will get in a stomach trouble.


  1. Eat meat only in places where you trust.

Although I wrote a little, I recommend that you eat meat, especially in places you trust, such as restaurants and homes.


5 drink only mineral water in plastic bottles .

Tap water in India contains a lot of iron . The filter of our washing machine  turns to red after washing(because of iron)!

Make sure to use mineral water for drinking water and cooking.


Also, when you purchase bottles of water, please make sure that the plastic bottle lid is in place. Tap water may be put in an empty plastic bottle.


6 Avoid spicy food

This is a little bit difficult if you are in India.

However, spicy food is not good for your stomach and it is easy to have stomach trouble.

How about having a few days in travel schedule, “Let’s go to a Chinese restaurant” or “Let’s have a non-spicy Indian meal” today?

There are a lot of non-spicy Indian food in india. So please ask at some store!


So my answer to “Don’t you have stomach trouble in India?” is


“If you follow these advices  you will not have stomach trouble.”


I think you can’t understand these tips unless go to india, so please come to India!


Thank you for reading! See you again!