Why I’m taking part in work camp in Manipur. (Sakura)

Why I’m taking part in work camp in Manipur. (Sakura)

Hello! I’m Sakura.I have joined work camp 3 times in Manipur.


There are 2 reasons why I’m taking part in work camp in Manipur.


First is that I want to solve dustbin problems. In namaste! activities, we made some dustbins at Manipur.Now the garbages on the road is decreasing because of it and some dustbins are already full.


However villagers don’t move it. They burn it to make it smaller. It’s bad for health…

And in the future the time will come to quit our activities at Manipur… So I think that when we make some facilities,we have to make some system which can run only with villagers.

It should be sustainable for villagers!


Then, Mr.Das(the chief of Manipur) and Eriko Kajita(the director of Wappiness) and some members of Namaste! conducted meeting about the dustbin problem.
We decided that Wappiness will conduct job support with TOTO(electric car) and a part of the sales will spend to garbage disposal. It was in my second time to join the workcamp.


Second is that I want to approach discrimination problems.So we conducted a research to villagers.It was about discrimination and how villagers feel about Manipur.
Most of villagers did not claim about discrimination but about their houses, health and jobs.


I felt the situation of Manipur as leprosy colony is getting better.
However some villagers, especially lady, said to me about when they tell about they are living in leprosy colony to their friend, they worry about how these friends see them.


I think it’s deep problem of leprosy.
Manipur is better than other colonies that we conduct work camp.
But there are still some problems of leprosy.
The 2 reasons are why I was taking part in work camp and will continue to go to Manipur.



Thank you for reading!  See you again!!



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