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I’m going to Maharashtra! – India is a big country – (Yuka)

Hello. I’m Yuka.



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I’m in Kolkata Now.

In the evening, I’m going to Maharashtra state by sleeper train.

Surprisingly, it takes 17 hours to go there! It’s pretty far!



After participating in a wedding ceremony, I will go to Aurangabad, which is the city in the same district (Maharashtra).

And it takes 8 and a half hours by train! I can’t believe it!

I will go there for sightseeing.



After that, I will go to Mumbai, too.

It takes 6 and a half hours to get there.



The total time from Bishnupur to Mumbai by train will be about 36 hours!

I think it will take more time than scheduled because the train which travels long distance tend to be delayed in India.



I think you may understand how large the land of India is.




The land area of India is 3,287,263 km².

This is the seventh largest in the world.



That of Japan is 377,915 km².

So, India is 8.7 times the size of Japan.



The largest state in India is Rajasthan and it has 342,000 km² land area.

The size  is almost same as  that of Japan! It’ huge!



Maharashtra, where I’m going to go, is the third largest state in India.

It’s  long from side to side.



So, to cross the state, you have to travel a very long distance.

That’s why it takes so long time!



I will go to Mumbai by train.

However, I will use an airplane to return to Kolkata.

It takes only 3 hours!




This is my first time to take a sleeper train, participate in a wedding ceremony and visit a state other than West Bengal.

And I will go to the Leprosy museum in Mumbai.



I’m looking forward to having a new experience there!





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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
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Why is Kolkata so famous?  The history and buildings of Kolkata. (Yagi)

Hello.I’m Sakura.

I’m in Kolkata today.

To participate in a wedding ceremony in Maharashtra district from May 6th.

Tomorrow I will take a train for about 17 hours.

I’m so excited brcause this is my first time to take sleeper train.



Today I would like to tell you about the history of Kolkata.

I will also mention about    buildings for sightseeing.



The population of Kolkata in 2011 was 4,497,000.

The urban population is the third largest in India following Delhi and Mumbai.


※ The urban population:  Population of urban area including major cities and suburban cities near major urban area.



So why has Kolkata so developed?


It is closely related to the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom East India company.



In 1690, The British East India company built a trading house in the current Kolkata.


In 1696, Britain gained the control of the land of Kolkata.

→ At this time, William Fortress is built. (Named after King William III)


In 1756, The Mughal Empire occupied the fortress.


In 1757, East India company  recaptured Kolkata.


At that time, Britain and France were fighting for the territory of India.

The United Kingdom seized the territory of France one after another.


At that time the Bengal region was an area , where many products were sought by Britain.


As a result, in the middle of 1700, 75% of all UK East India companies were in the Bengal region.


Especially,Kolkata, which has a trading house, used to be the center place of the trade area.


In the first place, Britain aimed to  trade spices. However, with the acquisition of taxation rights, etc., it has also taken on the role of the administrative body of India.



British Prime Minister Frederick North has enacted Indian regulatory law in 1773.

Then, the newly established Governor General of Bengal was able to operate all lands of East India company.

So Kolkata has become the political center of the whole of British India as well as the Bengal region.



In other words, the current development of Kolkata is due to the development by the East India company from the late 1600s.




There are many buildings that you can feel the British rule of that time in Kolkata!

These are some typical ones.


1 Victoria Memorial Hall / Park


I think It’s the most famous building in Kolkata.

The Victoria Memorial Hall was built in 1921 using Taj Mahal as a model.

And It named after Queen Victoria, who also served as the emperor of India at that time.

The hall currently displays documents, weapons, and pictures which used in india during the British rule.


I visited there around three times lol.

Depending on the period, there are special exhibitions.

For example, about the Howrah Bridge and the history of the city formation of Kolkata.


The entry fee is 500 rupees for foreigners (Nearly  $7) . (including parks)



Actually, the park surrounding the memorial hall is also wonderful!

The admission fee only for the park is about 20 rupees (Nearly $0.3).





2 St Paul’s Cathedral


It is very close to the Victoria Memorial Hall.

It is an Indian-Gothic style architecture and is said to be the oldest church in India.


Recently, a coffin of a designer of this cathedral was found in it.

It was widely featured in Indian newspapers!


Depending on the time, you can also listen to the piano, so please check it out when you visit there!


The admission fee is free. note that taking photos is prohibited in it!




I recommend take a taxi if you visit Victoria Memorial Hall and St. Paul’s Cathedral.



That’s all I want to tell you about the history of Kolkata and famous buildings!

There are many other places in Kolkata where you can feel some religions and cultures, such as Hindu temples, mosques and large shopping malls.



When you travel in kolkata, enjoy to visit various places in Kolkata!


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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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What is the Chakdola Leprosy Colony? (Yuka)

Hello. I’m Yuka.



Today I will introduce one leprosy colony where our organization started working most recently.



It is “Chakdola Leprosy Colony.”

We have been conducting work camps there from March 2018.



It is in Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

It takes 4 hours to go there from Kolkata by train and bus.



It is a very small colony.

We can overlook the whole village from the room where we stay during the work camp.

About 45 people (16 families) live there.







There are many brick factories around the village and many village men work there.



The village is very peaceful and comfortable place because the population is small and the people are calm.

I feel like time goes by so slowly while I’m there.



This is the senior leader of the colony, Shamaln Ray.




And this is the young leader, Pappu Coal.





There is another person who I’d like to introduce to you.

He is Jisu Marandi.



He is a very kind man and always thinking about the village and the villagers.


He dropped out of the school and now he is working at a factory near the village so that his mother and his grandparents would not go begging.


He always helps villagers and us as well as his family.


I really like him!



As I explained, Chakdola Colony is a very nice village.

However, the colony and the people have many serious problems.



Most of the houses in the village have some troubles like leaking of rain and broken wall.

Some women and elderly people live by begging and their earning is very small.

Those who work at brick factory can not get a stable income because some season there is few things to do there.

Adults in the village are not educated well and only children can read or write.

Moreover, discrimination from neighbors and colleagues at work still exists in daily life.



They said to me “we are happy just because you are here.”

I was touched by the word.

I want to be close to them and go ahead together.







In fact, the first work (infrastructure building) was conducted in this March there!




Japanese members have already returned to Japan, but work is still in progress now.



The work that is going on now is a construction of a new house for one family.

They used to live in the house that was the worst situation in the village.

There was a big crack on the wall and they have to live in it with fear that their house might fall down.




If this work is completed, they can live in a new house without such a fear.



This time, our work is for only one house and one family.

However, we are planning to repair all houses one by one in the future.



I hope the day that the colony’s problems are totally solved will come.

And I will work hard to achieve that!




In fact, I haven’t visited Chakdola colony since I had come to India in this March yet.

I will go there in the middle of May. I can’t wait to go there and see the villagers!





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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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Street Foods in India.(Yagi)

Hello. I’m Sakura!


Today,I want to  introduce Street Foods in india!





As Yuka  stated before ,

It’s fried spicy potato and beans.

It tastes like a curry.

You can buy it  everywhere in india.

I eat it everyday  is sold in a shop near our office because there is an old man who always be smail. I love him!!

Some people may feel it’s too spicy. So please be careful when you eat it!







India is famous for  Chai!

Chai is a milk tea with spices and sugar.

You can buy it everywhere including in a train.

It is so fun to compare some types of Chai  when you travel by train!






“Dim” means  “egg” in Bengali.

It’a a toast with eggs grilled with thinly sliced ​​onion.

It tastes spicy but it’s not like curry!





It is a globular, deep-in-the-hollow deep-fried dough with a spicy sauce.

It’s in the shape of a cup, so you’ll scout the sauce and eat it.

As same as alu-chops,some people may feel it’s too spicy

Some of my Japanese friends said, “It’s nice!” but some friends said “too hot” and “I don’t like it”. So I think you either love or hate it. It depends on your taste preferences.






This is  chinese food,”炒麺”.

It is a little bit spicy but it’s not like curry.






It’s not Ruti!!

Ruti is grilled but Ruchi is fried!

It’s popular  to eat it with  curry.

It only tastes salt and the dough. (Maybe it’s flour..)

Therefore thetaste is so simple.




That’s all I want to introduce to you today but it’s just a part of Street Foods in india.

There are a lot of Street Foods in India.

For example,chicken-rolls, pakoras, chiken-thicka, a juice of sugar cane and so on.

So I’ll introduce more Street Foods after I take those pictures!



When you travel in India, why don’t you feel a taste of India with some Street Foods?




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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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Our life during the work camp. (Yuka)

Hello. I’m Yuka!

Today I want to tell you about our life during a work camp.



Work camp is one of the main projects which our organization, Wappiness, are conducting.

Students visit leprosy colonies and stay there twice a year.


Click here for details.




However, you can’t know how we spend our days there in the website.

So, I’ll show you our real life in the Bishnupur colony!

In fact, the facilities, the living environments and the life styles are a little different in each village.








During the work camp, all Japanese stay in one (or two) room.

This room is usually used as a classroom for elementary school students in the colony.

Children study in another place while we are staying there.



Japanese campers get along deeper and stronger because we spend all our time together in this room.



At night, we sleep under a mosquito net like this.




We lay a mat on the floor and sleep in a sleeping bag.

You may think this is uncomfortable. But you can sleep comfortably than you expect.




・How to cook meals


We make our meals by ourselves during the work camp.

We don’t eat much Indian food. We bring some Japanese food and seasonings from Japan and cook with vegetables.



Surprisingly, there is no gas facility and we use this type of oven made by mud.




We rarely experience this way of cooking in Japan!



The bottom of the pot will be stained with soot after cooking because we put it over the fire directly.

We remove stains  with sand and water.




This is also precious experience for us!


After we finish cooking, we eat our meal outside the room!




・How to bathe


In the village, there is no shower facility as well as gas.

Therefore, we and the villagers use well water for bathing.


It’s hard for women to bathe  with their clothes on.

However, I found that if I use a long skirt, bathing will get easier!


It is so much fun to bathe with the villagers!







・How to wash clothes


There is no washing machine in the village ,so we must wash our clothes with our hands.

We put water and laundry detergent into a bucket  and stir with clothes.


However, this is not enough to remove all dirt.

So, we press clothes against the ground and rub them.


It takes only two hours for  dry out the laundry in dry season.

On the other hand, in rainy season, it takes long.



・Daily schedule


we get up in the morning and practice some dancing.

We hold a farewell party on the last day of our stay and perform dancing!


After that we have breakfast.

We usually eat biscuits and breads, sometimes bananas or soup too, as a breakfast.


Our activities start after having breakfast.

The contents of activities vary from day to day. They include infrastructure building work, research, meeting, etc.


Work with villagers.







Sometimes we go to  market with villagers.



Around noon, we have lunch.

After lunch, we take a rest for one or two hours.



During the break, we also bathe, wash clothes, take a nap and talk with the villagers.

The reason why we take a rest after having lunch is because it’s too hot  to do activities in the afternoon.

Taking a rest makes it possible that we live healthy without becoming sick in India!



After the break,  we start our activities again and work hard.



In the evening, we have dinner and after that we go back to the room to have a meeting.

We look back on what we did on the day and make sure what we will do on the next day.

Then, our all activities of the day are completed!



However, sometimes we don’t go to sleep immediately and play cards or have a chat with other members.





Today I told you about our life during the work camp.

Those who are interested in our activity,  please join us!








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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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How to  overcome hot days in India. (Yagi)

Hello. I’m Sakura.

Recently I’ve bought a solid soap. so now I can spend a good bath time..


these days, Yuka and I often say “Today is hot” in our blog.

So today I want to tell you about how indian and we overcome those hot days.


①Use some household applications.


Air conditioner

 This is the best.But it’s too expensive to buy.

The air conditioner of Panasonic is 36,000 rupees($)

The cheapest one is 30,000 rupees in Amazon india.

Therefore, there is no air conditioner in our office…



Cold air machine

 We have it in our office!

It’s a little bit small so the wind comes partially. When the temperature reaches about 39 degrees, the wind just comes  but I don’t feel it’s cool very much. However, when I feel a little hot or at night, it works quite well. It’s cool.

The price is about 6,000 rupees ($).






 It’s a big fan.

Most of houses have fans in India!

I do not feel too cool because it  always sets on. but when the power goes off, I’m sweat well. So  surely it make us feel cool.

The price varies depends on the number of blades and the decorations, but normal one (One colour and 3 blades) is around 1,500 rupees (3,000 yen).




②Cookking a special  meal


We often make “chirashi sushi” on hot days.

“Chirashi Sushi”  is a Japanese dish where there’s rice topped with sashimi and other ingredients like eggs and cucumbers.

We can eat a lot even if it’s hot!

In addition, we always keep cold water bottles in a refrigerator.


In the case of Indian people, they eat “water rice”. It’s a literally   boiled rice with water. Someone eats it with vegetables.

Recently I’ve  often seen such people.

I have not eaten it yet, because I have never eaten such a meal.

If I get tired of eating”Chirashi Sushi”, I’ll try to eat it!




③Taking a shower


I take a shower in the morning and evening, because I sweat while I’m sleeping.

Recently I have been taking a water without using a water heater. I feel so good! !

I’m so refreshed after the shower in the morning and evening!


In hot season, my indian friends take showers three times  a day.

The timing is in the morning, noon (afternoon) and at night.

It is often said that India is a little dirty, but some people care of their appearance such as taking showers 3 times  a day, using perfume and sticking to soap and so on!




④Other way



Some Indians are half-naked.

I don’t think this is cool…

And we often see people eating watermelon and cucumbers!

It is delicious and contains a lot of water, so it seems like it is eaten in many countries in summer.

I also eat watermelon everyday.



Indians and we are getting over the hot days with these four ways!

There are same things in Japan and India, such as increasing the time of showers and making special food.




When you come to India in April, May and June, please be careful not to  a sick because of the high temperature. Enjoy your trip! ! !

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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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Seasons in India. (Yuka)

Hello. I’m Yuka!

It’ so hot that I can’t stop sweating when I go out.



Today’s topic is “Seasons in India”.



I guess that many people think it’s hot throughout the year in India.



In fact, climates vary from region to region in India because the land is very large.

However,  seasons in India can be roughly divided into 3  as follows:


  1. Summer Season
  2. Monsoon Rainy Season
  3. Dry Season





Summer season




It is from March to June or July.



During this season, the temperature goes up to around 40 ℃.

Surprisingly, it may reach 50 ℃ in some areas!

Now, even during the night, it is above 25℃ and we can’t sleep well.



You must be careful not to get heatstroke and a sunburn in this season.




Monsoon rainy season




It is from June or July to October.



In this season, heavy rain falls in short time period. It happens several times a day.

Compared to the summer season, the temperature goes down but it’s more humid because of rain.



The number of mosquitoes increases and infectious diseases transmitted by them prevail in rainy season.

You should bring mosquito repellent  if you come to India during it.


And you should put raincoat or umbrella into your bag, too.




Dry season




It is from November to February or March.



It is little rain and the temperature is not so high in this season.

It’s a comfortable climate.

Therefore, I recommend  you to come to India in this season!



However, on December and January, the temperature sometimes falls to about 10℃.

So you need to wear warm clothes.




This is my 5th time coming to India.

However, I have never experienced cold season in India.

I’m looking forward to it!





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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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Why is a Joychandi famous? (Yagi)

Hello. This is Sakura.

Recently, summer has come in india! And the temperature is over 39 degrees everyday.

For the first time I will spend time in April, June, and July in India.

So I’m worried that it will be more hot from now on …


Yesterday I went to the Manipur colony after a long time.

I got a lot of energy from the villagers, so I can do my best again from now on !


Yesterday’s highlight was a session time.

Lakshman Grandpa was playing the Duruk Bage (drum) and I was playing the lamcutchi (a kind of tambourine)


These are the traditional Indian musical instruments  used in pooja (festivals).



Today,I will introduce “Joychandi”!  

It is near the Manipur leprosy colony.


Joychandi is a hindu temple to enshrine Siva and Hanuman.

And it’s two hills located in the village of Laghunathpur.

There are resorts, food courts and parks around it.

Children who are living in the colony also visit as school  and village events.




It was in March,2018 that I first climbed Joychandi.

At that time, there were shops at the foot of the hill, but at the top there was only a temple and a Hindu goods store. because there is  no dustbin, trash was scattered everywhere.

When I looked around, there were only a few people, and I did not have the impression that there were too many tourists.



But now the Joychandi has been changed!!



The stairs were painted beautifully, and several dustbins were installed at the top.

There are shops not only at the foot of the hill, but also at the top! ! !

I can drink  the hot chai (tea) at the shop. It’s so delicious. .

Furthermore, in winter, some groups  visit there for a rock climbing.


Why is it so popular now…?


I think the answer is





  1. Photogenicity


As you know, Indians like to take a photo.

As a result, at Joychandi you can see many people taking a selfie quite often.



  1. uniqueness.


As you can see in the picture, around the Joychandi is full of rice fields.

Joychonley is outstanding in such a plain.

Therefore, it’s perfect when you want to go up the mountain or go out somewhere.


When you are tired of people in India, how about going to heal your mind with Joychandi?



・ Climbing free

・ The nearest station is Joychandi Station / Adra Station

・ From Adra station by tuktuk (electric three-wheeled vehicle) about 100 rupees one way

・Nearly 4pm is recommended because there are not many people, and a little cool.

・Climbing time would be 10 to 15 minutes.


Thank you for reading! See you again!


What my friends asked me when I went back from India. (Yagi)

Hello.I’m Sakura.

Today,I will answer some questions that people often ask me.



“Do Indian people  really eat curry every day?”


The answer is “almost right”.


In fact, villagers often ask me what curry will you eat today?


Also, if you ask the villager what you eat today, the answer would be “Bhat (rice), Ruti (thin naan)”.


In other words, they will not even say “I ate curry” because it is obvious for them  the matter is whether you eat rice or ruchi with curry.


But that’s not everything !

Wealthier Indian people  eat Kichuri (stew with rice on a cold day)

and a little sweet rice (I forgot the name ….) with nuts and dried fruits for dinner on a festival day!


It tastes a little sweet.


Therefore, Indian do not always eat curry .


in Japan we use soy sauce and soup stock instead of masala every time.

If you are Chinese, you use “Hanakosyo” or “Hakkaku”, and if Italian, you use”Olive”.

There are some things that determine the  culture and ingredients and seasoning that match the people’s taste preferences .


By chance it’s just “curry taste” for Indian, there is no big difference between India and other countries!


So the answer to “Do Indian really eat curry every day?” is


“Indian eat curry  as Japanese eat Japanese food (Sushi,Miso soup and so on )”!


Next question is

”Have you ever had a stomach ache in India?”


I have suffered from the ache only once in India.


I would like to give you tips on not having a stomach problem


  1. Wash your hands well.

In India, air pollution is awful. And when you travel in india, you may touch a lot of things.

So it is important to wash carefully.


  1. Do not eat raw fruits and vegetables  at the street stall.

This is no problem with the fruit, but because presumably there are germs on the cutting knife t. Nobody knows what it cut before it cuts the fruit.


  1. Cook Eggs and Meat well.

Eggs and meat are all stored out of the  refrigerator. So Those are not fresh, and if you eat those as raw and will get in a stomach trouble.


  1. Eat meat only in places where you trust.

Although I wrote a little, I recommend that you eat meat, especially in places you trust, such as restaurants and homes.


5 drink only mineral water in plastic bottles .

Tap water in India contains a lot of iron . The filter of our washing machine  turns to red after washing(because of iron)!

Make sure to use mineral water for drinking water and cooking.


Also, when you purchase bottles of water, please make sure that the plastic bottle lid is in place. Tap water may be put in an empty plastic bottle.


6 Avoid spicy food

This is a little bit difficult if you are in India.

However, spicy food is not good for your stomach and it is easy to have stomach trouble.

How about having a few days in travel schedule, “Let’s go to a Chinese restaurant” or “Let’s have a non-spicy Indian meal” today?

There are a lot of non-spicy Indian food in india. So please ask at some store!


So my answer to “Don’t you have stomach trouble in India?” is


“If you follow these advices  you will not have stomach trouble.”


I think you can’t understand these tips unless go to india, so please come to India!


Thank you for reading! See you again!


Useful Items that make our life better in India. Yuka

Hello. I’m Yuka.

Now I feel a little bit lonely because one of our members have returned to Japan.


By the way, I guess that many people think living in India is not easy because it’s hot everyday, the air is not clean and the food is very spicy and so on.



Actually, Our office is comfortable to live in.

I’m enjoying living a life in India!

Today, I will introduce very useful items that make my life better in India!







If there were no refrigerator, the food would go bad easily.

And if we keep food out of it, many ants would swarm to the food!


Moreover, we’re dying for cold food and a drink because it’s so hot everyday in India now…!


So, refrigerator is very important item for us.



・Washing machine




I used to wash my clothes with my hands during work camp.

But now, I can use washing machine in our office!







Thanks to a toaster oven, we can eat toasted bread and grilled vegetables!

And a electric kettle makes it possible to boil water instantly.


I wish there were a microwave in our office, too!




・Water heater




If there were no water heater, we should take a cold shower everyday.

And if we would do that in a cool day or winter, we might catch a cold.


Water heater is very important, too!








We have bought this printer recently.

When we had no devices to print out, we had to go to print shop each time.

Now, we don’t have to spend our energy and time to go to the shop!




・Cold air machine




We bought this because we couldn’t stand the heat anymore.

If we pour water into this machine, cool air comes from it!.

We can feel cool!



Some people may think it’s normal to have these items in your house.

But in India, even those things which is nothing special in Japan or some other countries make me happy!


Japanese food is the most important thing for us to live in India.

We cannot live here without it!

Of course Indian food is delicious. However, sometimes we feel like eating Japanese food because we are Japanese!



We brought a lot of Japanese food to our office.




That’s a lot!



How was the today’s blog?

Even though sometimes I feel uncomfortable, I’m enjoying my life in India!





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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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