How to  overcome hot days in India. (Yagi)

How to  overcome hot days in India. (Yagi)

Hello. I’m Sakura.

Recently I’ve bought a solid soap. so now I can spend a good bath time..


these days, Yuka and I often say “Today is hot” in our blog.

So today I want to tell you about how indian and we overcome those hot days.


①Use some household applications.


Air conditioner

 This is the best.But it’s too expensive to buy.

The air conditioner of Panasonic is 36,000 rupees($)

The cheapest one is 30,000 rupees in Amazon india.

Therefore, there is no air conditioner in our office…



Cold air machine

 We have it in our office!

It’s a little bit small so the wind comes partially. When the temperature reaches about 39 degrees, the wind just comes  but I don’t feel it’s cool very much. However, when I feel a little hot or at night, it works quite well. It’s cool.

The price is about 6,000 rupees ($).






 It’s a big fan.

Most of houses have fans in India!

I do not feel too cool because it  always sets on. but when the power goes off, I’m sweat well. So  surely it make us feel cool.

The price varies depends on the number of blades and the decorations, but normal one (One colour and 3 blades) is around 1,500 rupees (3,000 yen).




②Cookking a special  meal


We often make “chirashi sushi” on hot days.

“Chirashi Sushi”  is a Japanese dish where there’s rice topped with sashimi and other ingredients like eggs and cucumbers.

We can eat a lot even if it’s hot!

In addition, we always keep cold water bottles in a refrigerator.


In the case of Indian people, they eat “water rice”. It’s a literally   boiled rice with water. Someone eats it with vegetables.

Recently I’ve  often seen such people.

I have not eaten it yet, because I have never eaten such a meal.

If I get tired of eating”Chirashi Sushi”, I’ll try to eat it!




③Taking a shower


I take a shower in the morning and evening, because I sweat while I’m sleeping.

Recently I have been taking a water without using a water heater. I feel so good! !

I’m so refreshed after the shower in the morning and evening!


In hot season, my indian friends take showers three times  a day.

The timing is in the morning, noon (afternoon) and at night.

It is often said that India is a little dirty, but some people care of their appearance such as taking showers 3 times  a day, using perfume and sticking to soap and so on!




④Other way



Some Indians are half-naked.

I don’t think this is cool…

And we often see people eating watermelon and cucumbers!

It is delicious and contains a lot of water, so it seems like it is eaten in many countries in summer.

I also eat watermelon everyday.



Indians and we are getting over the hot days with these four ways!

There are same things in Japan and India, such as increasing the time of showers and making special food.




When you come to India in April, May and June, please be careful not to  a sick because of the high temperature. Enjoy your trip! ! !

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