My daily life as an intern student. (Yuka)

My daily life as an intern student. (Yuka)


Hello. I’m Yuka!


I think some of you have such a question: “What do the intern students do every day in India?”

So, today I want to answer this question. I will introduce my daily life!




AM8:00 Good morning!


I usually get up around 8:00.

Then I take a shower because it’s hot and I sweat a lot at night.

By doing this, I can feel refreshed!




AM8:30 Working time


Before I have a breakfast, I do some work at my desk.

I can work more efficiently in morning because it’s not so hot.

I often do publicity activities like writing a blog and posting some tweets on Twitter in morning.



This is our office!






AM9:30 Breakfast


After I did a small amount of work, I have a breakfast.

I eat leftovers from dinner of day before, toasts, cornflakes or something.

There is little difference between the breakfast which I have in India and that in Japan.



After having my breakfast, I start my work again.

If I get a little bit hungry, I go to fried food shop near our office.






I buy an Alu Chop(chopped and fried potatoes) there. It’s so good and I love it very much!



Alu Chop




The people work in the shop are very charming and kindly say hello to me when I pass by the shop.



I like this old man the most among them. He is so cute!

His smile always makes me happy!







PM0:00 Lunch

We usually make our lunch at office by ourselves.




PM2:00 Meeting

After finishing lunch, I take a little bit rest and then have meeting with Sakura (another intern student).

In that day, we talked about publicity activities and annual report of our organization.




PM5:00 Going to colony


In evening, I go to colony to take pictures for the SNS and the blog and to talk with villagers.

We often look in on the colony even if there is nothing to do

I can work hard thanks to their smile and a happy time that I spend with them.







PM7:30 Dinner


I cook dinner with other members and eat together.

After dinner, I spend my time working or taking a shower or talking with other members and so on.




PM11:00 Good night!


Around PM11:00 I go to bed.

Recently it’s too hot to sleep at every night…




This is my daily life.

How was it?

Every day is very fulfilling for me!




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