TOTO project is now going on!

TOTO project is now going on!


Hello! I’m Yuka.

It has been hot these days in India and I miss AC…


Today I want to tell you about our employment support in the Bishnupur leprosy colony.


“Rental TOTO  project” is going on there now.



TOTO is a electric three-wheeled vehicle which is now popular in India as a means of traveling a short distance.





TOTO is very nice car for the following reasons.

First, it has a maximum capacity  of 9 passengers.

Second, it’s easy to operate.

Finally, TOTO is very eco-friendly because it runs on electricity.




In this project, we rent TOTOs to some  colony people and they work as TOTO drivers.

some of them had worked as a cycle rickshaw driver before, but  their unstable wage ($1.4- $2.2 per day) was not enough to make a living.

Surprisingly, their wage has increased by 3 or 4 times!

That’s wonderful!




Now we rent 7 TOTOs to 7 men.

They work hard from morning to evening and they are very good at driving safely!

We hope they will use TOTOs with attachment and care.





We provide TOTOs with them for a fee, not free of charge .

This is one feature of this project.



We collect the rental fee from them, and it will be used for other projects.

By conducting this project, we can help not only the Bishnupur colony people but also the other colony’s people.



We will keep supporting the leprosy colony people in such a way.




In 2019, we will start the same project in the Manipur leprosy colony!

Please keep checking our posts!





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What is a “leprosy colony”?
It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.
In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .
We conduct several activities for their independence.
There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.
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