We visited Hindu temples in Bishnupur, India! (Yuka)

We visited Hindu temples in Bishnupur, India! (Yuka)

Hello. I’m Yuka!


Some staff of WAPPINESS and I work hard every day.

But a few days ago, we took a little rest and went to Hindu temples near our office.

Actually, there are many temples in Bishnupur!


First, we visited Rasmancha temple, which is the oldest one among the temples in Bishnupur.

It was built in 1600.

Length and breadth of this temple is 24.5 meter and height is 12.5 meter. It’s very big!

Inside structure of this temple is like a maze and very exciting!





After visiting this temple, we also went to some other temples.

We really enjoyed that time.





My favorite finding in this day was this.

You can see terracotta ornament of dog in the middle of this picture.

The face of it looked funny and cute!


It was a nice day and we will be able to work hard again!


Thank you for reading! See you again!




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