What I think recently. (Yuka)

What I think recently. (Yuka)

Hello. I’m Yuka.


Today I want to write about what I think recently.

I remember that I have written one blog on this homepage before.



I participated in the work camp at Bishnupur leprosy colony for the first time when I was a first-year student of university.

Before I went to India and joined the work camp, I wrote my thoughts on the blog.


Today, I read the blog again. It has been two years since I wrote the blog.

It seems that I were shining with hope and joy.






Today, I know what I didn’t know at that time. And I’ve had a lot of experiences since then.

However, there may be something what I lost.

So, I made up my mind not to forget what I thought at that time. That was my starting point.



There is one more thing in my mind.


I think that “WAPPINESS” changed my life.

If I had not participated in the work camp, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So, I want to return the favor.



Thank you for reading! Have a nice Day!



It’s time to join us!

What is a “leprosy colony”?

It is a society with people who are isolated from society due to leprosy.


In the colony, people live with less than $1 per day .

We conduct several activities for their independence.


There are many ways you can support them as a team with us.

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